Beware of cheap home removal companies

“Home is where the heart is, even if you can’t remember which box you put it in.”

If you’re relocating on a budget, cheap home moves may sound like a great idea… until it’s not.

Don’t be that person who finds out the hard way just how expensive cheap moves can be when something goes wrong.

Using a fly-by-night company or organising cheap furniture removals yourself may be tempting, but people the world over will tell you that moving house on the cheap could be the quickest path to blowing a hole in your bank account.

Staff are key to a successful home move

An efficient and well-trained workforce comes at a price and is usually the first cutback when a company is trying to maximise costs. Enter the casual worker, with little to no experience in how to move your precious belongings, and absolutely no idea how to take apart and reassemble your baby grand or family heirlooms.

As simple as it sounds, moving house requires the expertise of professional movers who know how to pack and move items of furniture. At Key Moves, we would never ask you to put your valuable belongings into the hands of an inexperienced mover or overload an unroadworthy vehicle, but many low cost furniture movers will do just that.  

The Overloaded Bakkie – There’s something surreal about finding yourself behind a haphazardly stacked vehicle with an assortment of furniture that would give even a Jenga maestro nightmares.

Unfortunately, it’s an all too familiar sight in Africa and one that you wouldn’t want to be following when it’s your own furniture sticking out in every direction, secured only by a couple of carelessly strung cables.

The Ransomed Load – Just how much would you pay to get your household furniture back in one piece?

Dealing with a less than honest removal company is just one of the risks you take in moving on the cheap and let’s just say that the odds of getting all your items back aren’t always stacked in your favour when you opt for cheap labour. 

Once your items are in the hands of the movers you’ll have no control over your valuable possessions – and if you’re really unlucky you may even have to pay a ransom to get them back.

The Self Driven Move – “Just how difficult can driving a moving truck be?  After all, there must be hundreds of them on the roads every day.” These famous last words could still be echoing in your mind when your overloaded moving truck gets stuck under a bridge or carport.

Embarrassment aside, you may be liable to pay for any damages you cause and of course you’ll need to pay to repair or replace any of your own items that are lost or broken.

From flatbed to… hospital bed – Let’s be honest here:  moving is hard, manual labour and no matter how many times a week you hit the gym, the movements and strain on your body that can take place during even a day of moving are no laughing matter.

  • Trying to carry a sofa, cabinet or other heavy items with improper technique can result in muscle strains or even a broken limb or slipped disc.
  • The inconvenience of days or weeks spent in hospital or on bed rest will cost you far more than you could ever save by organising your own move.

Keep it professional – you’ll save in the long term

Images like these are all too common – and unfortunately, they aren’t fake. While they may be good for a few laughs, the fun soon ends when something falls off the back and causes an accident or injures a pedestrian.

Even if it doesn’t cause an accident, an overloaded pickup vehicle is at risk for damage and extreme wear and tear. From a legal point of view, it’s not acceptable to overload a vehicle. If you’re pulled over you could be fined or even arrested if you’re transporting goods in a dangerous way.

Doing it yourself may be fun when it comes to building an outdoor braai or booking discount travel, but moving house is something you’ll want to leave to the pros.

At Key Moves we are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive logistics solution powered by our fleet of new and expertly maintained moving trucks and state of the art storage facilities. 

We also offer full risk cover for your goods while under the care of our fully trained staff and managed fleet to put your mind further at ease. 

To enjoy peace of mind during your relocation and reduce the risk of broken and damaged goods (or bones!), request your free quote online today. You’ll get it in 24 hours – not 2 weeks!

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