Choosing the best moving company in Johannesburg

With more than 4 million residents and the biggest urban GDP in Africa, Johannesburg is South Africa’s premier commercial hub and a magnet for talent and investments.

If you’re heading to the city of gold to advance your career or start a new business, you’ll want to arrive rested, stress-free and with all your belongings intact and ready to use. That’s why choosing the best moving company in Johannesburg is so essential.

Movers in Johannesburg – who to choose?

In the big city there’s more of everything, and this applies to moving companies too.

There’s no shortage of movers in the Johannesburg area but the reality is that not every transfer or relocation company offers the same range and level of service. When you choose a moving company, you’re entrusting the business with some of your most valued positions. Here are some reasons why a provider like Key Moves should be at the top of your list.

Go for experience and excellence

When it comes to choosing a moving company one of the first things to look out for is industry experience and reputation. A small moving business that recently opened its doors and doesn’t have a reliable fleet of trucks, well trained staff and comprehensive transit risk cover may not be your best bet.

Here are some features of a reliable moving company that will help you choose the best one.

  • Years or decades of experience. At Key Moves we have been providing transportation and logistics services since 2004. With tens of thousands of hours of collective experience our team and management have the expertise to solve any moving problem from Cape Town to Johannesburg, Johannesburg to London or anywhere else in the world.
  • A modern fleet of well-maintained trucks. A small moving company with one or two bakkies is less likely to provide an efficient logistics solution – especially if you’re undertaking an office move. You’ll want to ensure that the company you work with has a large modern fleet of moving trucks to transport your belongings to your new premises quickly and safely.
  • Comprehensive insurance. The fast pace of life in Johannesburg means that sometimes unexpected things happen. If your goods are damaged or stolen for reasons beyond the moving company’s control you can rest easy knowing that their transit risk cover will compensate you for any damages and allow you to replace your items.
  • Included in your quote. A moving company familiar with the layout and way of life in Johannesburg will be better able to advise the best time of day for your move, will be aware of traffic hazards and delays, know the best routes to take and quote you accordingly. The regional location of a moving company in Johannesburg will save on turnaround time and be better equipped to facilitate a safe and convenient move.

Ready to experience the best moving company in Johannesburg?

Making a move to Joburg could be the single biggest thing you do for your career or business. To get started with your move, get your free quote on our website today. We’ll get a detailed estimate to you ASAP.

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