Declutter your house before moving

The things we own are part of our life story, our memories. There’s no shame in keeping things because they have meaning, but, when unnecessary items lie around gathering dust, our homes can look messy and cluttered – and that can become a real headache during a relocation. 

One of the key things to do for your move is to get rid of items you don’t need anymore. In fact, there couldn’t be a better time! A good declutter before you move means you won’t be filling unnecessary boxes with unwanted things! Fewer boxes, less time spent packing and even a smaller load, means cost-saving all around.

Here’s how to declutter like a pro. 

Do you have a clutter problem?

Unless you’re a hard-core minimalist, chances are you have a lot of stuff – and there’s nothing wrong with that. The trouble starts when your home gets filled up with items you don’t really care that much about but haven’t gotten around to throwing away yet. 

  • Expired food or medicine, broken appliances, kids’ toys, pets’ toys, ‘your’ old toys, DVDs, CDs, books and magazines, old linen and even unused (read – unwanted!) gifts and outdated documents. The list is endless and that’s without even considering what’s sitting unused and unwanted in the office!
  • Getting rid of items means you only end up packing the things that you actually want to transport to your new home, and you want to do this before you move. 

If it doesn’t have a special place, it’s probably clutter 

Before you move, do this. Take a good look at all the things you consider to be clutter and ask yourself if those items add something to your life. 

“Does it spark joy”? This famous line coined by tidying expert Marie Kondo is a great mental tool for deciding which items to keep. If you look at an object and feel a sense of happiness and importance, keep it. If it leaves you cold, it’s time to get rid of it.

Sort through your clutter in four easy steps

Decluttering your home may seem like a mammoth task but if you break it down into small pieces you’ll be done before you know it. 

Before your relocation, go through your household items one by one and put them in one of the following categories:

  • Keep. If the item is useful, valuable or you really can’t part with it, you’ll need to keep it and get it ready for packing. 
  • Sell. Some things simply need to go, and you can make a bit of extra cash by selling them. Put them aside and list them online on one of the social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace. Do this at least a few weeks before you move. Your local pawn shop may also be interested in buying them, but this is usually at a lower price than the one you would get online.
  • Donate. Old clothes, toys, and other items that you don’t need could make a big difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Your local church or charity will be only too happy to receive these items – they may even come and fetch them from you. 
  • Throw away. This category is for items that nobody wants and it’s best to get rid of these well in advance of your house or business relocation.

Don’t throw out important documents by mistake 

The documents you need to keep for your move should always be in your “keep” pile. The best place to keep them is in a clearly labelled folder or briefcase and bring them to your new home in person so that there’s no chance of them getting lost. 

Keeping valuable documents and records safe is an investment in both your peace of mind when it comes to your personal documents and good business sense for all your legal documentation. If important certificates, vehicle and firearm licenses, company registration papers, SARS correspondence and deeds to your land and property go missing, it could be a serious problem and a huge waste of your valuable time to replace them. 

No Time no time to pack your stuff? Leave it to us

Once you’ve sorted through your items and got rid of all the clutter, everything else will be ready for packing. But if your schedule doesn’t allow for that, why not let us pack it up for you.

Key Moves offers a comprehensive packing service carried out by a team of professional moving experts. We’ll pack your valuable items safely and efficiently, saving you valuable time and hassle.  

So, to make sure that your next move happens flawlessly here’s a recap of the most important things to do before you move: Declutter your home, make an inventory of everything you keep, set a moving date and a budget and then request your free quote on our website today and you’ll have a detailed estimate. It’s simple really…

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