How to relocate an office within a strict timeline

Relocating a business is a process that consists of multiple steps and pressing deadlines with smooth coordination between your staff and management. If you’re planning to relocate an office within a set time frame, you’ll need a streamlined plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your moving day.

This article will take you through the key moves and steps that should be taken from six months prior to your move right up until the day of your relocation; drawing on our comprehensive experience of office moves to make the entire process easier for your organisation.

Here’s our office relocation checklist for business owners and managers.

The planning phase: 6 months to a year before you move

During this time you will probably have chosen your new premises and can start requesting changes that’ll make it an ideal fit for your business.

  • Speak with your new landlord and designer. You can request changes to your office interior, especially if the premises have not yet been outfitted for Covid safety.
  • Arrange phone and Internet services. With installation times for landlines and cable Internet extending beyond a month or more, you’ll want to inform your telecoms provider well in advance to ensure that you have connectivity on site when you move in.
  • Check your office inventory. With more than six months to go before your move, now is an excellent time to compile an office inventory and decide which items will accompany you to your new premises.

3 to 4 months before you leave:  quotation timeGet your free quote now

With just a few months to go before your relocation it’s time to ensure that you’ve chosen the best moving company to facilitate your move.

  • Office movers usually operate on a tight schedule and it’s important to secure moving services for the specific date you have planned.
  • Update your address. This is also an ideal time to let your clients’ and suppliers know when you’ll be moving and what your new address is. This is important for client meetings and deliveries, and also because your suppliers will need to update your physical address for invoicing purposes

1 to 2 months before the move: putting plans into action

With your office relocation date just two calendar pages away you’ll want to confirm that your premises will be available and ready to use.

Now would also be a good time to draw up a comprehensive office move checklist with procedures for your employees to follow in the weeks leading up to the move and on the day.

Less than a month to go: time to start packing

A few weeks before your move you can set up a relocation committee with an office relocation project manager to coordinate the packing process. You could also delegate this task to a member of your team or management.

  • 2 to 3 weeks before your moving day ask your staff to start packing their belongings especially items that they seldom use. The boxes they use should be clearly labelled or colour coded with their name and departments

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