Storage Units For your stuff

If you have piles of things lying around your home that make your living space look more like a junk shop, it’s time to learn more about storage units.

Compact spaces, a year of online shopping during lockdown, and that love of collecting things without sticking to the “one in, one out’ rule means many people are drowning in ‘stuff’. Luckily, there’s an easy way to swim to the surface with storage units. 

As one of the fastest-growing industries in America according to the Self Storage Association, and with close on 59 000 self storage units around the world, it’s evident that we all have a lot of stuff that we’d like to keep!

Whatever your reason for needing storage space, whether it’s because you are moving to a new country and need to store your home or need varsity dorm room furniture to be stored, downsizing, travelling or perhaps even to store a loved one’s belongings, storage units can be a simple and cost-effective solution.

Is your stuff suffocating you?

A living environment that’s full of odds and ends, old books, documents and devices and items that you don’t use and don’t need can be a very uncomfortable place to be even if space is not your enemy. 

  • Psychologists have been warning us for years about the toll that clutter and mess can take on our emotional well-being. 
  • Items that don’t have a place in our homes remind us that we should have done something about them but didn’t – and even if they don’t affect you that deeply you’ll still feel uncomfortable in a room that’s too small for all the things that are in it.

Feelings of claustrophobia are becoming even more intense in today’s world because living spaces have become smaller, and more expensive. If you grew up in a large South African home with multiple bedrooms, a lush garden, and a swimming pool but are now living in a townhouse or micro apartment, you’ll know the feeling.

The good news is that you can free up your living space and your mind when you choose to put the things you love into safe and secure Managed Storage or Self Storage units. Here’s how it works. 

Are there storage units near me?

Once you’re ready to put your unneeded items in storage and take back your living and working space, you’ll need to find a storage facility that’s conveniently located so that you can access your items when needed. 

At Key Moves, we offer both a national logistics network with our fleet of ultra-modern moving trucks and clean efficient storage facilities where your items can be kept safe, clean, and dry, just like they would be at home.

Our storage units in Johannesburg are just a short drive from South Africa’s major economic hub. Customers in the Gauteng region have already entrusted thousands of items to us thanks to our high safety standards and commitment to excellence.

If you’re relocating to another part of the country or overseas and need to store some of your items in the interim, storage units can offer you a short or long-term cost-effective solution.

Monthly rentals vary according to your chosen storage option with Managed Storage pricing based on the volume of your furniture which is stored in pallets within a warehouse, plus a small access administration fee. The Self Storage option has no access fees and the price is based on individual garage units.

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