Tips on moving electronics safely

When you are moving, your electronics require some extra care. You need to do some planning, and to make absolutely certain that you have the correct packing materials for your electronics.You should try wherever possible, to visualise how your electronic devices were packaged in their original packaging when you got these. What you are aiming to do, is to pack your electronics as closely as possible to how they were originally packaged, even if you do not have the original packaging.

When you disconnect your electronics

The best possible thing that you can do when you disconnect your electronics, is to take a photo of how each device is connected. This will help you greatly when you reconnect, as you will have an exact image of how the device was originally connected. Also, make a label of each power cord, as it then makes it very easy to reconnect at your new premises. When disconnecting your heavy electronics such as TV’s, make sure that you have more than one person doing the disconnection. For your computers, make sure that you have a backup of your computer’s hard drive, as we have seen in the last that in rare cases, the actual computer gets bumped, and data is lost. Remove all CD’s inside the computer, as well as USB flash drives. If you are comfortable with doing this, it would be a good time to open your computer case, and give it a good clean-out. For your printers, it is also recommended to remove all ink cartridges, and to place in plastic bags for the move. Again, for all devices make absolutely certain that you have clearly labelled all the power cords.

The best possible case scenario, is that you still have the original boxes that your electronics came in. Sometimes, the manufacturers of electronics will actually be able to provide you boxes that are close in size to the original boxes/packaging that they were shipped in. Another option that you can use to make sure your devices get full protection, is to use nice, thick bubble-wrap to wrap around your devices – and take extra special precaution when placing the bubble-wrap over the LCD screens, and TV screens as they can scratch easily. We do not recommend using foam pieces, as they can stick to the screens, and can damage them as they can get static build-up. A far better idea than using these foam bits, is to make use of crumpled-up newspapers, or even blankets to fill in the empty spaces around your devices. Make sure that the newspapers/blankets adequately fill the excess space, to make absolutely certain that nothing can shift during the move process.
Any speakers that you may be moving, all require a little extra care, as they have some very sensitive components inside that are easily damaged. Make sure you pack your speakers separately, and that they stand upright in their boxes. Speakers are devices that are often damaged in a household move, so just keep this in mind and give them a little extra attention.
Another common mistake that people make is to pack too many heavy devices in one box – leading to the box opening in the move. Make absolutely certain that only one heavy item is packed per box, it is not worth taking the chance of a box opening purely as a result of trying to stuff to many heavy items in.
The last thing, is to clearly label everything. Write on your boxes in a clear, large manner to enable you to know exactly where everything is when you get to your destination. That’s about it – hope this was informative, and happy moving !

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