Furniture Disposal – Get rid of unwanted office and home furniture

Before any move, be it an office relocation or a new home, one of the most important things you’ll need to check off your list is furniture disposal.  Planning an office or home move is the ideal time to take stock of what you own vs what you need. It’s an opportunity to declutter and rid yourself of all those furniture items that you never really wanted in the first place, or have wanted to get rid of for years.

Think office chairs or couches that have been sat on one too many times. That dining room table your aunt offered you and you were too polite to refuse. The baby cots you haven’t had the heart to get rid of and a host of other items that are all taking up valuable space in your home or office. Well this is your opportunity to say goodbye to them now. 

Besides having yourself a garage sale which is time consuming and often unsuccessful, there are several ways of disposing of unwanted furniture. We take a look at two great ways of getting rid of your junk: donating your unwanted items to charity or using a furniture collection service like the one we offer at Key Moves. 

Furniture donation: Get rid of your unwanted furniture while doing a good deed

Remember that phrase “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”? Well those items of furniture taking up space in your home may be trash to you, but there’s always someone out there who would treasure them. Not only are you doing a good deed by donating your furniture to charity, it’s also far better for the environment than taking the easy way out and sending it to the dump.

There are several charities in the Johannesburg area that are happy to accept furniture, appliances, and other household items. Some of them will even collect the furniture from you.

Here are some local charities in Joburg that welcome furniture donation:

· Joburg Child Welfare

This organisation provides essential food and shelter to underprivileged children across the city. They are always happy to accept donations, both in cash as well as furniture and household items.

You’ll need to contact them well in advance of your moving date to see whether they have space available for your furniture and to arrange transportation.

· The Charity Stores

This non-profit organisation raises money for charity by selling items at its various retail outlets across Johannesburg. You can donate furniture, appliances and even items like clothing, provided they’re in good condition. 

· SPCA Randburg

If you’re an animal lover and your pets are moving home with you, this could be the perfect charity to donate any unwanted furniture to. 

The SPCA accepts donations of all kinds and while their fundraising drives are usually focused on cash donations, they are happy to take furniture in some cases. 

You’ll need to contact them in good time to find out whether they can take your items before your moving date.

· Johannesburg Children’s Home

Residents of Joburg will recognise this charity as a household name thanks to the great work it has been doing for decades. The Johannesburg Children’s Home is always willing to accept donations of furniture and other household items and may be able to collect items from your home. If not, Key Moves can always help. 

· Nkosi’s Haven

Caring for children with HIV, this well-known organization has touched the hearts of thousands of South Africans. They are happy to receive furniture and other household items provided that you let them know in advance. 

Furniture collection: Let us take care of it for you

Donating your unwanted furniture to charity is a great thing, but it’s not always possible to arrange it in time for your move.

The charity you contact may not have transportation facilities (especially during Covid waves) and many charities are short staffed or have limited operating hours. 

Perhaps your unwanted furniture has been packed away in storage for months or even years, steadily accruing unwanted debt that has now become a burden to you?

Whether you want to send your unwanted furniture to the auctioneers or you need to sell it to get rid of a debt, Key Moves can help you out.

  • We pick up your unwanted furniture, deliver it to an auctioneer, or provide storage facilities for your items while you wait for them to be sold. We would then add the cost of the storage to your final bill which would hopefully be covered by the sale of your furniture.
  • Alternatively, Key Moves can pack up your furniture and deliver it to the auctioneer of your choice.

We also offer a full packing service for the home, office and even your pets and heavy machinery to take the hassle out of your next move.  To take a load off your mind (and out of your home!), get started with your furniture disposal and request your free quote on our website today.

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